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If you already have an exhibition space reservation in a convenient location and you are wondering how to best organize and equip your stand, we have several suggestions for you.

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The appearance of the exhibition stand is a showcase of the company. Show your best side! Use the opportunity that the fair offers to build a positive image of your company. It is worth investing in the design and construction of an interesting exhibition stand that will allow you to stand out from the competition and will be remembered by visitors. Sometimes even small details can be of key importance, therefore pay attention to the visually interesting concept of the exhibition stand and its colors. Make sure that it is consistent with the branding and marketing concept of your company and that the logo is properly displayed. This is a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness also at the level of visual identification.

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Standard stands are constructed on the basis of a universal exhibition system. Our standard development package includes carpeted floor, white walls, a frieze with the company name, a table, and chairs. In order to stand out from the crowd, standard stands can be additionally equipped with any additional elements of equipment, graphics, multimedia equipment, household appliances, elevations, hanging banners, unusual lighting, etc.

PREMIUM stand with a higher standard

The PREMIUM stand looks like an individual fair stand against the background of standard stands, but it is a much cheaper solution and does not require many hours of designing. Stands consistent with the company’s visual identity, distinguishing and emphasizing its offer from the competition, contain full equipment and prints of the graphics provided by you on the walls of the stand. Depending on the size of the surface, you choose one of the ready-made modules, which are available in 15 m2, 20 m2, and 24 m2, with or without an elevation.


The INDIVIDUAL fair stand is a “tailor-made” solution that allows you to adjust all its elements to the character of the company and its needs, ensuring a unique character of the exhibition. Please contact us to prepare a quote and design an individual stand – we will recommend one of our trusted and long-term technical partners who will design and build a stand specifically for your company in accordance with your needs and budget.


This type of stand is intended for several / a dozen companies organized within one stand, eg the National Pavilion. The layout of the stand and equipment depends on the size of the area purchased and the number of companies presenting their offer at the stand.

Advertising above the stand

Regardless of the type of fair structure chosen, in order to increase the visibility of your stand, you can order an advertising suspension above the stand, thanks to which your company will be visible from various, even distant parts of the hall. Various solutions and technologies are available, such as advertising in the form of a hanging banner, a rigid frame structure with lighting, a rotating element, or even a multimedia screen / TV system.

Have you already chosen a location and stand construction?

Great! In order to maximize the benefits of participating in WorldFood Poland, it is also worth taking care of appropriate marketing communication and promotional activities, both during the fair and before the fair.


Advertising in the fair catalogue, on the registration form or on the ID of each visitor, distribution of gadgets, advertising banner on, or maybe displaying a banner at the Fair Reception? These are just a few examples of additional forms of promotion. There are many more possibilities….

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