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Quality and safety of dietary supplements
April 18, 2023 at 12:00-17:00


In the program:


Opening debate in the NutraFood zone

Expert conference by the Polish Council of Supplements and Nutritional Products (KRSiO)

“Coffee with an Expert” workshops

The Polish Council of Supplements and Nutritional Products (KRSiO) and leading Polish experts in supplementation, food, dietetics, and law will be available.
We share the same goal – consumer safety and the highest quality of products, as consumer well-being and education in the area of rational supplementation are our priority.



Opening of the NutraFood zone – debate


12:00 – 13:30 Challenges in the dietary supplements market. Quality and safety – Moderator: Dr. Joanna Uchańska, Chałas and Partners, KRSiO; Participants: Bartosz Demianiuk, KRSiO; Dr. Andrzej Balicki, DLA Piper; Prof. Dr. Hab. Dorota Zielińska, Institute of Human Nutrition Sciences, SGGW; Dr. Eng. Katarzyna Stoś, Assoc. Prof., NIZP-PHZ, Department of Nutrition and Nutritional Value of Food, NIZP PZH-PIB; Marta Tomińska, GBA Polska Sp. z o.o.; Prof. Iwona Wawer.


Expert conference by KRSiO


Facilitators: Dr. Joanna Uchańska (KRSiO, Chałas and Partners), Bartosz Demianiuk (KRSiO)


14:00-14:15 Cooperation between the supplement industry and scientific units in research/projects R&D, from the perspective of safety and quality – Dr. Karolina Rudnicka, Department of Immunology and Infectious Biology, University of Łódź


14:15-14:30 Safety of innovative dietary supplement ingredients – Grażyna Osęka, Foodie Sp. z o. o. sp.k.


14:30-14:45 The significance of using supplements in competitive and recreational sports – Dr. Hab. Eng. Krzysztof Durkalec-Michalski, Sports Dietetics Department, AWF


14:45-15:00 Stability of vitamin K2mk7 in demanding formulations containing calcium and magnesium – solutions allowing for achieving the declared claims during the product’s shelf life – Damian Błażejewski, Kappa Bioscience Europe GmbH


15:00-15:15 Quality and safety label for dietary supplements – regulation project in comparison with other systems – Dr. Agnieszka Szymecka-Wesołowska, Center for Food Law


15:15-15:30 Clinical research on dietary supplements – Dr. Justyna Nowak, KRK Law Firm


15:30-15:45 Safety and quality issues in contracts with the dietary supplements production and distribution chain – Jolanta Dąbrowicz, DLA Piper


15:45-16:00 Advertising of food products, including dietary supplements on the Internet, e.g., on social media, how to construct a message to avoid sanctions, how to communicate about product safety – Atty. Magdalena Wawrzyniak, Food & Pharma Legal Wawrzyniak Zalewska Law Office


16:00-17:00 “Coffee with an Expert” workshops