The most important feature of the NutraFood Poland  is networking among the participants and meeting new potential partners. The virtual networking zone facilitates access to the event participants through the calendar system, chat and audio-video messenger (combined in one intuitive tool).

  • modern and quick forms of live communication
  • access to intuitive online meeting platform
  • opportunity to get new business contacts and set up long term cooperation
  • access to a number of offers and companies in one place and time
  • access to the latest products – world and market debuts
  • effective time management thanks to developed search engine tool
  • possibility of scheduling suitable meeting date and time with potential business partners
  • possibility of exporting the calendar of confirmed meetings to PDF file
  • safety – possibility of doing business with no need to attend personal, face to face meetings
  • timesaving and cost effective in terms of logistics and travel expenses
  • possibility of attending numerous online meetings with no harm to everyday duties
  • access to the exhibition conference zone

How do I register or sponsor?

If you’re interested in taking part or sponsoring NutraFood Poland or WorldFood Poland Virtual Expo, please contact us at

Co-located with Food & Drink Exhibition – WorldFood Poland

The event is connected with WorldFood Poland, which guarantees access to an excellent audience.

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