The nutraceuticals market is developing very dynamically. Currently, the functional food and nutraceuticals segment belongs to the most dynamically developing sectors of the food industry. Annual sales are no longer counted in millions but in billions of dollars.

Nutraceuticals are biologically active ingredients that can be found in functional foods or separately, and have a documented and beneficial effect on health through their participation in metabolic processes. The essential feature of nutraceuticals is their natural origin. Unlike functional foods, nutraceuticals are available in the form of tablets, syrups, powder, capsules containing active substances isolated from food, whose positive effect on the body is confirmed by scientific research.

Among the most commonly used and most recognized raw materials for their production, we can mention, among others: plant extracts, including herbs, fruit, eggs, beekeeping products, etc.

The demand for nutraceuticals indicates their further intensive development. Both consumers and food producers are interested in such products. Scientific research will certainly play a significant role in the further development of nutraceuticals and functional foods. Many ingredients of functional foods are known for their health-promoting effects, but an even larger group of compounds is little or less known in terms of their health-promoting properties.

The dietary supplements market will grow by around 8 percent by 2021. annually. It is currently worth PLN 3.5 billion. The most frequently purchased products are vitamin and mineral products, for example with magnesium or vitamin D. They constitute 26 percent. the whole market. In addition, immunostimulators (22% of the market), probiotics (20%), body strengthening products (16%), and vitamins and minerals for adults (16%) are popular. Immunity-stimulating products and omega-3 fatty acids also sell well.

More and more Poles are trying to eat healthy food, lead an active lifestyle and reach for supplements enriching their diet. According to PMR, the entire market of dietary supplements has reached an estimated value of approx. PLN 2.5 billion. According to estimates, the sports part of this market is PLN 1 billion, and the growth dynamics is 20-30 percent. annually. These supplements are most often bought by consumers in special sports nutrition stores. Over 70% Poles take dietary supplements, and most are bought by people over 50 and 70, while sports supplements are the most popular among the younger generation.

The food market is demanding and consumers are constantly looking for new products and products that have a positive impact on their health and form. Responding to the needs and trends on the food market, we decided to expand the offer of the Fair to include the nutraceutical sector. Our visitors are, among others buyers from retail chains, specialty stores, gas stations, retailers, distributors, gym and fitness club managers. – says Agnieszka Szpaderska, Director of NutraFood Poland.

We invite producers and distributors of dietary supplements, functional food and drinks, products used in natural medicine, functional food additives to present their offer at NutraFood Poland.

If you want to learn more about the market, or reach new business contacts, NutraFood Poland is just for you!

We invite you from April 21-23, 2020.

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