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NutraFood Poland is an industry exhibition dedicated to the nutraceuticals sector, where both raw materials and additives for the production of food, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals are presented, as well as final products – functional food and drinks, dietary supplements and other products with a pro-health effect. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the products and introduce the best ones to their offer in pharmacies, specialist stores, petrol stations, retail chains and the e-commerce channel.

Meet the new NutraFood Poland exhibitors who offer high-quality products that meet the health needs of consumers: dietary supplements, vitamins, probiotics, collagen, functional food, herbs, freeze-dried food and other pharmaceuticals and medical products.

ZELT BIO Sea buckthorn, stand H1

ZELT BIO Sea buckthorn that are grown in Latvia are unique – products made from it are rich in vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants and are perfect for health, for strengthening immunity, for nutrition, as well as for beauty care and maintaining healthy skin. In 2016 we began planting the first sea buckthorn plantations, but this year the garden area has already reached 36 hectares.

Eytelia SRL, stand J4

Eytelia is a company that specializes in the production of dietary supplements and topical creams based on the unique technology of Stabilizing Flint. The company offers its products under its own brands, but also enables their production under the customer’s brand.

EcoSalute, stand H6

Ecosalute is an Italian company specilised in the creation, production and trading of unique herbal blends, supplements and natural skincare. The products are completely manufactured and packed in Italy, with a fine selection of high-quality raw materials. Our innovation comes from the balance between the research of niche ingredients and the knowledge of traditional use of natural remedies.

Mary Ruth’s Organics, stand H5

MaryRuth’s is a company that manufactures supplements, vitamins and other health care products, such as probiotics, liquid vitamins, collagen and sleep and immunity supplements.

Sincromed, stand L6

SINCROMED is a company specializing in the development and production of dietary supplements and other medical products. They offer support every step of the way, from ingredient selection, to final product submission, to industrial production, and ensure compliance with the regulatory framework of the target country.

Elena, stand J3

WPPH ELENA occupies a leading position among domestic and foreign producers of freeze-dried food. It is a reliable partner both in Poland and Europe in cooperation with a large group of food concerns, including dairies, producers of teas, instant meals, bakeries and confectioneries. In recent years, it has launched products in retail packaging and a line of supplements.

Oviline Sp. z o.o., stand J7

OVILINE is a Polish company that uses a unique and ecological technology of separating the hen’s egg membrane from the shell, which allows to obtain wholesome products, such as collagen and organic calcium, which retain their beneficial properties. The company is distinguished by high bioavailability of products, natural composition and ecological production process.

LYL Pure, stand H1

LYL Pure go to market brand presents a line of 11 premium food supplement products covering the principal health needs. White label products were developed over 10 years, produced in Europe, and fully backed by science. Highly effective and innovative supplement formulas, best quality natural ingredients and advanced capsule technologies. Our products are now available in over 10 000 pharmacies.

Vorwarts Pharma, stand H3

Vorwarts Pharma is an international pharmaceutical company that is a distributor of dietary supplements and an industry leader in its segment. Currently, our partners are certified international manufacturers of pharmaceutical products. We are convinced that our customers are an important key to the company’s success, which is why we offer them only high-quality products.

Norsan, stand K11

NORSAN is a brand specialized in Omega-3, recommended by doctors, nutritionists and pharmacists, mainly in German-speaking countries (as well as in Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland), and number 1 on the market of liquid omega-3 supplements in German pharmacies. Our two flagship products: Omega-3 Total and Omega-3 Vegan contain 2g of omega-3 in a daily dose.

Hemplab, stand K7

Hemplab is a company dealing in the production of dietary supplements, offering various forms of such products: drops, capsules, jellies and powders. The company emphasizes the highest quality of its products, obtained from raw materials from reliable suppliers, and has extensive experience in the industry, which allows it to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Visit the exhibition on April 18-20 EXPO XXI, Prądzyńskiego Street 12/14 in Warsaw Free registration is intended only for professionals representing the industry: